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Shrek.Fun unblocked (aka is a tower-defense io game where you have to protect your castle from the Shrek clones before they come to attack your castle. The arena in the game is filled with Shrek enemies, which means you must fight with smart strategies to outplay them all if you want to win.

In Shreks.Fun online, Shrek and the donkey are the two inseparable friends. They are now ready to fight to win first place in the heart of Fiona. They cannot let other Shreks get Fiona's heart. You need to quickly keep the castle safe and save Fiona. As you fight, try to pay attention to your Shrek's health. If he is low on health, you must feed him cookies. Once he has eaten, Shrek will restore his health. Your Shrek will get bigger and more powerful every time he kills an enemy. He will get super strength from Fiona too. You can collect cookies from other Shreks that are defeated, then pick up those cookies to get your Shrek stronger. You aim to become the top-ranked Shrek in the arena. Play Shrek.Fun game for free now and have fun with it!

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