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You play as a small marine monster in unblocked! The mission for you is to conquer a challenging ocean adventure and try to dominate the ocean by becoming the biggest and the most powerful fish. free online is an io game like and It's also about eating food to grow up and defeating all enemies by eating them.

When you make your way through the ocean, you have to focus on eating smaller fishes to increase your size. The more you eat, the bigger you will become, which boosts your score too. Also, this will fuel your boost tank. Once your boost tank is full, you will evolve into a new fish that is stronger. Just make sure you watch your surroundings as you swim through the ocean. There will be other fishes that are bigger than you, just make sure you will not get eaten by them, or the game will be over. You have to survive and grow your score to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Have fun!

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