Play it now at MSN Games online is a unique io game with awesome gameplay. It’s set in a big battle arena in which all players must stomp each other to see who will dominate the arena. It’s all about stomp or be stomped. You have to wander around the map jumping from platform to platform hunting for enemies. If you stomp an enemy that is smaller than you, they will be squished and all of their stars will be dropped. But if you stomp the one that is bigger than you, you can only make them lose half their stars. When the enemies drop these stars, you have to collect them to increase your size. Try not to collide with heavier players much because you will be knocked back farther. You can take advantage of your ledges, jump through them from beneath to get an upper hand on enemies. But, you cannot jump through them from above. If you play unblocked with smart strategies and you don’t get yourself stomped, you will have a chance to dominate the leaderboard. Much fun!

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