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What will you do if you are being chased down by hordes of undead? Join game right now to experience that kind of challenge then see if you can overcome it or not. This Zombies-themed Upgrades game is set in an apocalyptic world filled with bloodthirsty zombies. Now, a lot of brave humans are doing everything they can in order to survive this plague. You become one of those humans struggling your way to the ultimate survival, which is not easy at all. The zombies will come to you more and more, they will even get stronger than ever. Therefore, you must quickly search for as many weapons as possible then use them to finish off all zombies. You should perform other great actions too, like crouching, jumping, rolling, etc. Do anything you can to get through the dangers around you and stay alive as long as you can. Get ready to fight off the zombies now! Have fun with it!
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