Play it now at MSN Games is a cool Battle Royale game set in a prehistoric world where you will get to ride on many dinosaurs to go defeat your opponents. It will be so great to ride on a dangerous dinosaur, like a Raptor or T-Rex, right? With this 2D Shooter Upgrades IO game, you will be able to explore all of those creatures. You must ride your dinosaurs to go collect a lot of weapons then use them to deal damage to the rivals who are doing the same task. You must finish them off before they eliminate you from the battle. You should smash numerous objects for finding new loot, also, go to further locations to search for more dinosaurs, and it will much cooler if you find the T-Rex - the toughest dinosaur available in the game. Your main objective is to become the best fighter with a huge dinosaur collection. Hope you have a blast with it!
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