Play it now at MSN Games is a first-person 2D shooter game about little penguins trying to kill each other in a deadly match. You will become one of those terrifying penguins armed with an unstoppable snowgun. With this weapon in your hand, you know what to do, right? Go kill all enemies standing in your way and keep dealing damage to them until they are completely wiped out of the arena. At the same time, you have to defend your penguin from other attacks. The danger is everywhere, so each player must prepare some strategies in advance in order to vanquish everything in sight easily. Do not give others a chance to kill you! But in case if you die, you will have to jump into another match of and start everything again from scratch. The game features awesome elements, like snowfall, snowy terrain and so forth. Are you ready for this gunfight? Give it a go! Good luck to you!
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