Play it now at MSN Games (aka Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale) is a battle royale game with top-down gameplay and 2D graphics. Give this title a try then see if you can vanquish all challenges or not. Since unblocked is a multiplayer browser-based io game, you will fight against opponents from around the world. There can be only one winner at the end of the match, you must put all of your efforts into the goal!

Select a character first then enter the arena! Your character is equipped with spells and some great weapons that you can use to deal damage to your opponents. Using weapons is not strong enough, you must also use some smart strategies to outplay them as well. Stay alert for your surroundings, and avoid attacks from enemies. Do whatever it takes to survive the opponents because you aim to become the winner in game! This title can be simpler than other battle royale io games you may have played before, but it's still worth your try. Play it now for free! Have fun with it!

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