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When all geese are locked in the same pen, they tend to fight one another. That's what about unblocked - a survival goose-themed io game you can play for free on MSN Free Games now! It's about geese attempting to fight against each other to see who will become the best goose of all. These geese have angered the farmer, causing him to lock them away in a narrow pen. The battle begins in this pen, and there can be only one winning goose at the end of it.

At the start of the battle, you must control your goose carefully to move around the pen to find some food to eat. Since there is not enough food, you must quickly eat some to get the size of your goose bigger. Watch your surroundings as you find food because other geese will take a chance to attack you. Make sure you avoid their attacks if you are not ready for the fight yet. But when you are, go for ít Try to defeat those enemy geese before they beat you with their skills. Watch your score because it will increase as you play. You need to obtain a high score and get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best goose of all! Play online now! Have fun with it!

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