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In a fun RPG game called unblocked, you are a hostile chicken that has to go fight against other players. The whole match contains up to 80 players competing against each other in a disk. You need to make your way through the map gathering a lot of hats, then try to sprint, jump and dash toward enemies to clear them up before they get away from you. The more action you perform, the more kills you can pick up. During the course of the fight, try to defend yourself from tougher chickens, otherwise, you will be in trouble, even worse, you may meet your doom. Besides killing each other, don't forget to eat some corn for growing your size. Once you get larger, you can push other chickens out of the arena more easily. You need to stay on the disk all the time even though it gets somewhat unbalanced. The last chicken staying on the disk will become the winner of the game.

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